Continuous Improvement through innovation


Continuous Improvement through innovation

Kaizenovation Advisers


A lead­ing Health­care
Con­sult­ing Company in the United States spe­cial­iz­ing
in the Chi­ro­prac­tic and Phys­i­cal Ther­apy ver­ti­cals.




At Kaizenovation® Advisers, we are committed to helping you develop your business. We offer virtual or onsite strategic planning sessions, marketing and brand growth sessions, Lean Six Sigma (Process Improvement) sessions, and leadership and human capital development sessions. 


We operate under the firm belief that our role is to create wins on all sides of the business equation. We understand the massive market opportunities within the healthcare community and we have been very successful in connecting high growth organizations with other industry leaders and thriving businesses to enhance their positioning. 



Kaizenovation® Advisers is committed to bringing you the best and most pertinent courses to your clinical practice. Not only do we provide Functional Rehab training courses, but we also provide training to completely Kaizenovate your practice as a whole.


Our Vision

Continuously innovating healthcare delivery worldwide

Our Vision

Continuously innovating healthcare delivery worldwide

Core Values

K -Kaizenovation®

A - Altruism

I - Integrity

Z - Z-Axis Thinking™

E - Excellence

N - No Nonsense Communication

O - Originality

V - Value Creation

A - Accountability

T - Teamwork

E - Efficiency



Kaizenovation® Advisers is a leading Healthcare Consulting company in the United States specializing in the Chiropractic and Physical Therapy verticals. Our services include: 

· Clinical continuing education programs

· On site business development     consultations

· Virtual business development  consultations

· Business management seminar 


The creation of Kaizenovation® Advisers occurred in response to market forces driving the need for high quality clinical and business coaching. The focus of our organization is to ensure that individuals in our network learn to exponentially create value and be rewarded for their success. Ultimately, the collective success brings about true transformation in healthcare delivery, healthcare and business outcomes, and personal lifestyle.



See what our clients are saying


See what our clients are saying

  • Dr. Greenstein provided a fast-paced, engaging seminar with humor and new ideas for expanding the penetration of chiropractic in the community-one relationship at a time.
    — Lori Grassi, Executive Director and Lobbyist, Washington State Chiropractic Association
  • Working with Jay over the last few years has been a great experience. He will challenge you and force you to step outside your comfort zone, but his insight is incredibly valuable. A short conversation with Jay can save you months of wheel spinning. Working with Jay has yielded an incredible return on investment. What’s more, is that as my practice grows, so does my vision. My practice is now 3 times larger than it was when I met Jay. I am busier, I help more people, I deliver better patient care- what more could you ask for?!
    — Sam Spillman, DC
  • 100% of the doctors who attended Dr. Greenstein’s leadership session at our Spring 2014 Convention gave it the highest possible scoring for both his speaking ability and the quality of his content... and his energy is second to none. If you want to wake your attendees up, inspire them, give them practical tools they can take back to their offices, and have them leave with a smile, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Greenstein.
    — Julie Connolly, Executive Director, Virginia Chiropractic Association
  • I have had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Greenstein speak twice, once at COCSA and once for Washington States midyear conference, about the coming changes in health care and how as Chiropractors we can be active and participating in providing our health services best to our communities. I appreciated the amount of material, the authority with which he shared information, his willingness to provide notes, references and action steps that can be used by the rank and file chiropractor to improve his practice. He is definitely a quality speaker that could teach any health care group.
    — Dr. Avery N. Martin, immediate past president of Washington State Chiropractic Association

Executive Team

Executive Team

Dr. Jay Greenstein


Dr. Jay S. Greenstein, CEO and Founder


Dr. Jay Greenstein has been serving the Chiropractic profession for over 20 years. He has served as the past Insurance Chairman and Public Relations Chairman for the Unified VCA and past Insurance Chairman for the Maryland Chiropractic Association. Dr. Greenstein was selected to represent both state associations on the United Healthcare/OptumHealth Chiropractic Professional Advisory Committee. He was also selected to represent both state associations on the professional advisory for American Specialty Health Network, the third party administrator for specific Aetna and Cigna chiropractic benefit plans. Since 2010, he has served on the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters as the Vice Chairman, and also represents CCGPP on the Chiropractic Summit, where he is Chairman of the Government Relations Committee. The GR committee works on policy issues to ensure chiropractic access with healthcare reform taking place at the state and national level. In 2012, he was selected to the state of Maryland Governor’s Office for Healthcare Reform Essential Benefits Advisory Committee. In 2012, Dr. Greenstein was elected as President of the East Coast Associations Independent Physician Network, and has served in that capacity ever since. He has built a broad and deep network allowing him to serve the chiropractic and key business leaders supporting the profession.

 Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg


Dr. Barton N. Bishop, President


Dr. Barton Bishop has never done things in the “usual” manner. Whether that is becoming the first physical therapist at a chiropractic company fresh out of school, marrying a Russian woman and learning to speak Russian just because he could, or shooting par while only hitting 3 fairways and 7 greens (golfers will get the reference!), it seems that Dr. Bishop would rather blaze his own trail. In business, this unconventional path has served him well—as the status quo was never and will never be good enough. Just because things have been, doesn’t mean they should continue to be. During his professional career, Dr. Bishop developed into a renowned sports physical therapist in the Washington, DC area, and gave back to the Sports Physical Therapy Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. He served as the Knee Special Interest Group Chair and acted as a mentor to many young and up and coming sports physical therapists. As a leader and manager, he serves as Chief Clinical Officer of Sport and Spine Rehab, a multi-location, multi-disciplinary health and wellness company that has been recognized by Smart CEO magazine as a leader in technology implementation, PT Products Magazine as a leader in the field, and Inc. Magazine in their Inc. 5000 list multiple times. Recently, Dr. Bishop was awarded the Smart CEO magazine’s Executive Management Award which recognizes his leadership of his team and company.

Kelli Anne, Director of Communications

Kelli received her undergraduate degree with the Highest Honors from the University of Virginia where she studied Sports Medicine. While studying at the University of Virginia, she acted as an Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Virginia Athletic teams. She also rowed for the University and won Gold at the 2015 Collegiate National's Women's Double. She is the founder and President of Glass Arrow Films, a videography and photography company based in Washington, DC. 



Brian Wright, Director


Brian Wright has served as a consulting advisor to countless personal training departments, chiropractic offices and therapists offices over his 17 year career. Not only is he sought after nationally for content presentation and education in exercise science, but his breadth of experience and ability to simplify the seemingly complex in personal training businesses has allowed him the opportunity to help hundreds of health/fitness professionals across the nation with specific actionable plans.

He owned/managed 13 personal training studios in the DC metro area, including corporate contracts and leased space. He has held advisory and management positions with large physical therapy and chiropractic offices to help them build their personal training departments from zero to 20k/mo in a matter of months.

Upon selling his successful studio business, Brian now serves as a speaker on both the technical and business side of personal training, an online coach, and an advisor on PT department development.